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    Three weeks until due date, still no name!

    Hi! It's my first time posting on the forum, and I'm desperate. I'm due in 3 weeks and my husband and I just cannot agree on a name to save our lives! I'm hoping y'all can help me rest easy for a few weeks knowing this baby has a name she will be joining a sister, Grace Leigh (goes by Gracie). Our last name is pronounced like Patrón tequila. Here are the names we've considered, but new ideas are welcome!

    June Paige -- husband loooves the name June but I just haven't loved it so much, and Paige is my grandfather's middle name.

    Kate Paige -- I like Kate but I don't know if it's cheesy to have a Katie and Gracie.

    Nora/Norah June -- the name Nora is growing on me!!

    Other names we tossed around:
    Jillian (husband hates)

    Thanks for the help!!

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    I like Nora Paige
    Spencer|Benjamin|Henry|Declan|Rhys|Grayson|Peter|Q uinn

    Laura|Charlotte|Caroline|Savannah|Nora|Natalie|Hel ena

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    I like Nora June!

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    My favorites are
    1. Mia (too popular for most berries, but this is an old favorite)

    2. Nora Really spunky and sweet

    3. Catherine w/nn Kate I really dislike Kate on it's own. I think having a formal name is nice. Doesn't have to be Katie unless you want it to.

    Good Luck!

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    Norah June sounds like Norah Jones... So i like Norah Paige

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