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    Story is great. The rest aren't my style at all. Cricket i think is the worst. I wouldn't want to be named after ANY bug.
    Wanting to be pregnant.

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    I love Story and I like Echo - Teagan I kind of dislike and I abhor Cricket.

    Favorite Girls:
    Annabel/Annabella, Alice, Arabella, Clara, Dara, Della, Emmeline, Flora, Freya, Isadora, Josephine, Livia, Mara, Thea/Theodora, Violet/Violetta, Zara

    Favorite Boys:
    Archer, Blake, Bryce, Chandler, Charles/Charlie, Clark, Clayton, Clyde, Graham, Harlan, Rhett, Slade, Tate, Wyatt, Zane

    Violetta Jane|Della May|Emmeline Violet|Stella Jade|Mara Vivian|Flora Dixie|Zara Delphine

    Wyatt Joseph|Bryce Greyson|Will Tate|Nate Charles

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    I like Teagan though I think the Tegan spelling looks a bit better. It's probably my favourite pick.

    I like Cricket as a nickname for Christine/Christiana/Catherine etc. but I don't hate it on it's own. My favourite "bug name" though will always be Luna.

    Story is okay. I like Fable more though if I was comparing them head-to-head. And I have a soft spot for Psalm though that may feel too religious? (Or just annoying with the silent P?)

    I don't like Echo at all.

    Other ideas, let me know if I go TOO odd:
    Emerald, Ember
    Vesper, Verity
    Chrysanthe, Clarity, Coralie, Cleophee
    Topaz, Tansy
    Xanthe, Xylia
    Luna, Lazuli, Larkspur

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    I like Teagen.
    To a lesser extent I also like echo

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    I knew a stripper named story, so no. Echo, no, teagan, not unelss you are birthing lesbian twin rockers. Cricket, no way. It's weird because I like all your sib names.

    For peppy pony tail wearing hippies, I like Skye, Star, Lark, Larkin, Reagan, Shade, Kennedy, and Shell. And please, don't use peyton:-)
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