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    Lola and Lolla -

    When I read Lola and Lolla I pronouance them the same way LO-Luh. Do others read and pronouance them differently?

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    I read Lola as LO-lah but Lolla as Lahl-lah (Like Lollapolooza minus the "polooza")

    I definitely prefer the first spelling.

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    Lola is pronounced Low-lah. Lolla is pronounced Loll(rhymes with "doll")-ah.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ameliawilliams View Post
    Lola is pronounced Low-lah. Lolla is pronounced Loll(rhymes with "doll")-ah.

    I see different pronunciations.
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    Same as the others. I do know of a Lolly who is in her 60s. Southern woman, I think her given name is Louise. Actually several of the women I know through work (mainly older couples from all over the states but lots of native southerners) have very diminutive nicknames like that. It's kinda fun to hear them!
    But yep, lola = low-la, lolla = "lohl-la"

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