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    Girl name ideas: 2 syllables, unique, easy to spell

    Hi, everyone! I'm new here and was hoping to get a brainstorming session rolling. My husband and I are expecting a girl this December, and while we've found names we like, we haven't found anything that we're really excited about. We seem to agree on 2 syllable names, and we want something that is unique but also easy to spell (or to easy to guess its spelling). It can be completely made up, as long as when you hear it, you can take a pretty good guess as to how it should be spelled. We also want to stay out of the top 100 names.

    Here are the names we like, but haven't fallen totally in love with (just to give you an idea of what we like)...

    Some names we've both liked: Jovie, Tia, Carmen, Noelle (Noey), Capri.

    We also really like Winter, but our last name is Hale, so we're hesitant about Winter Hale (do you hear it?) and W. Hale.

    My husband also likes Scout (he's a lawyer, and I'm a literature professor) and Pepper.

    Names I keep getting suggested to me that I've cast aside for one reason or another (mostly because they are too popular): Harper, Piper.

    Any and all suggestions are appreciated, even if they don't fit every single point of our criteria. Thanks for reading!

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