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Thread: Eve

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    Red face Eve

    I'm loving the simple, understated beauty of Eve lately. What do you all think of it? I like the nick name Evie too.

    Also, what are some middle names that would go with it? I have a long, three syllable last name that starts with an A.
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    Cair Paravel :)
    I like Eve a lot, but I prefer Eva (which I adore!). I do love the simplicity of Eve, though. I like the suggestions of Eve Juliana!

    What about:

    Eve Carolina
    Eve Georgia
    Eve Felicity
    Eve Amelie
    Eve Tabitha
    Eve Lydia
    Eve Nadia
    Eve Philippa
    Eve Giovanna
    Eve Camilla
    Eve Penelope

    Good luck!
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    Thank you Ann Marie, that helps a lot! I'm loving a longer middle name with it. I love Eva as well, but we have a daughter Ella so I'm wondering if Ella and Eva are too similar!
    Mommy to 3 little ones and trying for #4, and already thinking of names! (Of course!)

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    Adore it, and the nickname Evie is so cute on a little girl! I also really love Evangeline.

    Eve Bellamy
    Eve Cassandra
    Eve Calliope
    Eve Juniper
    Eve Katharina
    Eve Lorelai
    Eve Magdalene/Magdalena
    Eve Magnolia
    Eve Tallulah
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