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    Out of your picks, the one I like most is Carmen Hale and least is definitely Winter Hale, even though I love the thought of it!

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    Phoebe Hale
    Autumn Hale (wouldn't have the same problem as Winter)
    Willow Hale (but W. Hale again, which I agree would be unfortunate)
    Poet Hale
    Gretel Hale
    Astrid Hale
    Esme Hale
    Pippa Hale (in between Piper and Pepper?)
    Maxine Hale
    Lyra Hale
    Freya Hale
    Margo Hale
    Maya Hale
    Iris Hale
    Ivy Hale
    Nova Hale

    If you were willing to bend at all on the 2-syllable rule:
    Vienna Hale
    Indigo Hale
    Geneva Hale
    Delilah Hale

    Best of luck! Sorry for any repeats.

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    Brynna Hale
    Lynzie Hale (Lynzie isn't my real name so that's not why I'm suggesting it. I think it's a very pretty name and goes well with Hale)
    Maddie Hale (Even though its popular I think it flows very well with Hale)
    Paris Hale
    Rianne Hale (or however you want to spell it - Ryan, Riyan, etc)
    Molly Hale
    Kylie Hale
    Marsan Hale
    Cassie Hale
    Gia Hale
    Zoey Hale
    Penna Hale
    Jaynie Hale

    Sorry for any repeats or any names that didn't meet your criteria...
    Hope this helps!

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