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    Can't commit to a name

    Oh dear berries, I am having such a hard time committing to a name for our baby girl!

    I had really liked Hadley, my husband loves it and it is his first choice. Now I find out that it is super popular which is putting me off committing to it. It worries me when websites make suggestions on the basis of Hadley and suggest names like Ashley, Madison, Hailey, Savannah, names I would never choose and think of as being too much of a trend. Will I hate Hadley as a name in a couple of years time even if it feels right for our baby now?

    I do like other names, but have a hard time picturing them for the baby.

    Her middle name will be May.

    Other choices are Reeva, Teagan and Rayna.

    Would love some feedback on these choices and if anyone named their baby and subsequently found their name choice being really popular, did you still love the name or did it become too common? Also open to suggestions!

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    Well, my name is Madison and though it was quite rare when I was born, it has gotten popular in the last few years. It doesn't bother me at all. I know it's a trendy name, but I don't think of it like that. I think of it as MY name. I think Hadley is adorable. If you love it, go for it.
    Out of your other names I like Reva.

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    I think Hadley May is adorable, and I wouldn't worry about the popularity. I've never met a Hadley, despite the fact that its peaking. If you love it, go for it. Hadley is lovely, and so is the nn Haddy/Hattie.
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    Okay you seem set on Hadley and even though it's not my thing I don't think you should be phased and scared off by the fact that your child's name may potentially become popular in a few years. If you love Hadley just go for it!!

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    Mae would be my pick! Lovely. Hadley is the best of your first name choices. I don't think It is all that popular. Harper on the other hand is really increasing I think due to celebrities using it.

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