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    It is tangentially related so I thought I would share the idea here...

    I'm not sure how they told their parents they were pregnant, but our college friends waited to tell their families that it was twins until they could tell them in person, at which point she was about 4 months along. It was Christmas time so they filmed the soon-to-be grandparents talking about their Christmas wishes for the baby (since they assumed at that point it was only one). Then, when they had talked about all the beautiful things they wanted to tell the baby, my friend said something like 'Aww, thats so nice. Now what do you want to tell the other baby?' The responses were AWESOME! Total shock and confusion. Such a hilarious video. I was bummed that we didn't think of something like that when we told our parents we were having twins!
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    Aw - you all are lucky! You had SUCH cute videos and stories!!! I am living vicariously through you over here

    On my husband's side, our son was the 22nd (yes that's right!!!) grandchild, soooo nobody was too excited. Living 900 miles away, we told them nonchalantly on the phone. On my side, my mom is the only one living. I was 21 and that was way too young to her so she asked if I was going to put him up for adoption.... She now loves him and doesn't know what she'd do with out him. It was all very depressing at first but eventually I realized it made US happy and that was what was important.

    For our second, we just gathered my mom and brother and said "well, we're having another baby!" Not too exciting but again, our families don't really get too excited about babies so we just have our own little joyful moments together as husband and wife.

    As depressing as all that is, just be grateful that your parents/family share your joy because some people such as myself weren't so lucky!!! Congrats and I hope you think of something cool

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    With my first pregnancy I knew they would be upset and angry due to my age. So I didn't tell them in any 'fun' way, I was more like "oh, by the way, I'm pregnant". :P

    With this pregnancy, we bought Parker a t-shirt saying "Big sis" and putted it on her. Took like two seconds for my MIL to notice, but it was a fun way of telling them. We kept it a secret for a little longer with my parents, and then just told them we were having another little human.

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    I found out right before a beach weekend with my husband. We had been trying for over a year. I was shocked, scared, nervous and excited. I immediately went to my mom's and told her cause I had to tell someone. It's her 14th grandchild, but first from me. I just went up to her said "It was positive." I wasn't sure she'd get it, but she did - and she almost cried she was so excited and hugged me three times.

    How I told my husband: I bought a card that had Dr. Seuss' Thing 1 and Thing 2 on the front and inside I wrote 'make Thing 3'. I waited till we were at the beach and watching the sun going down. We were cuddling on our towel and I told him I got him something. I handed him the card, then pulled out my phone to record his reaction. He didn't get it right away, but when he did, there was a "YAY!", then he kind of just stared off with a smile on his face. Once it sunk in, the questions started, but seeing the happy look on his face was the best thing ever.

    How we told his mom: this is her first grandchild so I wanted to have some fun. We found out a week before her birthday, so we decided to tell her on her birthday. I went and made a t-shirt that said 'World's best Nana', wrapped it and waited. On her birthday we stopped by her house and gave her the present. And yes, I pulled out my phone and recorded it. She opens it up, stares for a second, then her mouth drops, she drops the shirt and the first thing she said was "Are you serious?!". Haha. We told her yes and the squeals and hugs started.

    We waited to tell everyone else when I was 13 weeks. And when we told the rest of his family, his mom wore her Nana shirt and we waited till people finally started to get it. I'm glad we did went the shirt route, it was a lot of fun.
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