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    How did you tell your parents they were going to be Grandparents!?!

    My husband and I can not quite figure out how we want to tell my parents that they are going to be Grandparents! I was hoping that I could get some ideas from you! This will be the first grandchild on my side. We live close enough to them that we can tell them in person.
    My husbands parents live out of state and sadly we won't be able to tell them in person unless we wait till Christmas, which if all goes well I will be five months at that time. So we don't know if we want to wait or just make a phone call to them. That will probably win as we are very excited. This is our first.
    So please let me know how you did it! Thanks!

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    My husband and I are ttc right now but we already have it planned how we want to tell the grandparents and it will be the first for both sets. We both know what our favorite books were from when we were little so I bought his fav for his parents and my fav for my parents. Then we will write a little note on the inside like, please read to baby on the month the baby will be due!! I have also heard about taking a picture and saying we're pregnant instead of cheese or getting them mugs or shirts that say grandma/grandpa.

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    My timing was awesome, we hit the 12 week mark ON Christmas Eve last year. I bought grandparent themed children's books (there are a few good Little Critter ones) and wrapped them up and just tucked then under the tree when we arrived at my parents house.

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    I've thought of mailing a grandparents day card to my address, but made out to our parents' names. When they visit, I act like I don't what the card is. They open it and it's from the baby

    Or I've also thought of buying this stork feather from etsy: Custom Stork Feather Pregnancy by LittleElephantCrafts on Etsy

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    We are currently living with my parents and after losing the our first pregnancy to a miscarriage, we really wanted to keep it low key. My hubby was actually at work when i got the positive so he got a phone call and a pic of the pos HPT. I just walked into my mom's room and told her, very shakily because I was so scared. But we are very chill people and were too nervous to do anything elaborate. Good luck and enjoy it!

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