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    Will do a quick 'name review' sesh...I really like most of your choices. Like a pp would love to know where you're writing from!

    Eireen/Éirín- I think both these are beautiful. Eireen is so associated with an older generation, but I can also totally see it being updated for a new generation. Love the meaning, too.
    Maeve- Probably the most popular name on your list, but still striking and sirenlike and unusual. One of my favourites on your list.
    Ariadne- I like this, but more in principal than reality. I love the mythological/heroic connections, but the sound of the name itself isn't my favourite. Maybe just because 4 syllables feels like a lot...and the eeeeee___neeeeee sounds I find a little shrill.
    Caoimhe- Lovely but so so hard for people to get their heads round pronouncing outside of Ireland. I don't mind the tricky pronunciation, slight stumbling over the name etc. but people do not even know where to START pronouncing this one!
    Viria- Reminds me of 'virile' and 'porphyria' (I.e. kind of sounds like an illness to me, for some reason). my least favourite on the list!
    Itea- How is this prn? eye-tee-ah? If so the sound 'IT' might be a little linked to computers. Not such a fan of this either (sorry)
    Eris- Ohh I love the sound of this one. Soft, compact, stylish. The meaning really gets to me though. Usually don't care so much about meaning- unless its really special or really awful I am not fussed. But 'strife' is reeeeheeeeeeally no fun.
    Demeter- Would love to see someone use this! It has a beautiful balance about it, and it's feminine in a kind of strong, non girlie-girl way!
    Persephone- A whole lotta name for a little girl (or even a woman). I can see this on a confident person- have a hard time thinking of a shy/self-conscious person trying to carry it off. I like Sephy for a nickname, or Perry, so I guess they make it more wearable..but choosing a name which is almost too fabulous for everyday use is a tricky call, in my book.

    Do you like:

    Eoghan- Like, but so tricky prn wise, again
    Finian- LOVE. Finn is so popular at the mo, but Finian is a more offbeat variation. Like this!
    Seamus- Adore Seamus. No comment except great choice!
    Connell- Like. Reminds me of Daniel O'Connell...pretty good association though!
    Orion- Mmm, have met quite a lot of little Orions but coming from families with quite different naming styles from you. Not that this is necessarily bad, but stylistically this is where I slot him in. The first Orion has sisters names Ebony and Amber, the second has a sister Nevaeh (yep really).
    Cassius- Love, and really like this with some of your girls name choices. Cassius and Maeve is stunning!
    Priam- Can't quite imagine this on a child but it does make me kind of curious! My first impression is serious, slightly mature, VERY heroic-poetryesque.
    Paean- Very very very vowel heavy and makes me think of the insult 'peons'. Not my fave

    Do you like:
    Tobin (er, biased here)

    I love of your list...Cassius, Connell, Seamus, Demeter, Maeve, Eireen

    Good luck- I really like your style.
    Really appreciate your input. My family's Greek, but I live in Leinster, Ireland, with my husband who's from there. Mostly, we were thinking of Persophone as a middle name, with a short first name. I agree with you that it's a lot to handle as a first name. Itea is pronounced EE-Tay-Ah. Emer was on our list, but it's the name of our niece, so we weren't sure on using it as a first name. I do like the other names you suggested, especially Nerissa, Lir and Tobin. Thanks again, Ismene.
    To be Mitéra Ismene and Dadaí Aidan. Expecting number 1# in December
    Ladies: Viria, Itea, Eris, Demeter, Persephone
    Boys: Cassius, Priam, Paean

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