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    December Baby help

    We're due with number one in December, and are getting more into names. We have agreed to do either a Greek first name and an Irish middle name (and vice versa), or an Irish version of a Greek name (and vice versa). Names we both like or are warming up to:


    Names I'm trying to get him warmed up to: The names in my signature.

    If you see any good/nice combos that you like, we'd really appreciate it if you pointed them out to us. Or if there's any you see completely not working. Feel free to add any other names.
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    To be Mitéra Ismene and Dadaí Aidan. Expecting number 1# in December
    Ladies: Viria, Itea, Eris, Demeter, Persephone
    Boys: Cassius, Priam, Paean

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    Names I like : Maeve, Ariadne, and Caoimhe (assuming that you live in the U.K, in the U.S. it would be difficult for many to pronounce) Eris/ Iris.
    Boys: Finian, Seamus, and Orion. Good luck
    Raquel-23 year old who loves names, books, and languages

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    From your lists I like: Maeve, Caoimhe, Connell, and Seamus.

    Some other Irish versions of Greek names:
    Alastar -- Alexander
    Caitlin/Catriona -- Katherine
    Eilis (EE-lish) -- Elizabeth
    Eoin (OH-inn)/Sean -- John
    Maire/Moira -- Mary
    Peadar -- Peter

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    I've thought up some potential combos for you. I personally would use Anglicized/Latinized spellings of both the Irish and Greek names as much as possible (Owen instead of Eoghan, Alexander instead of Alexandros, etc.). Since you're sort of creating a fusion name, that would probably cut down on confusion and help the name to feel more cohesive.

    Girl ideas:
    Aileen Sophia
    Alexandra Aileen -- favorite!
    Eva(Aoibhe) Demeter
    Bree Alexandra
    Chara Soibhan
    Emer Sophia -- favorite!
    Moira Penelope
    Penelope Neve(Niamh)
    Persephone Bree
    Xenia Aileen

    Boy ideas:
    Connell Archimedes
    Conley Alexander
    Finn Leander/Leander Finn -- favorite!
    Kean(Cian) Alexander -- favorite!
    Owen(Eoghan) Timothy
    Rory Alexander
    Silas Alastar
    Torin Archimedes
    Timothy Kean

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    Will do a quick 'name review' sesh...I really like most of your choices. Like a pp would love to know where you're writing from!

    Eireen/Éirín- I think both these are beautiful. Eireen is so associated with an older generation, but I can also totally see it being updated for a new generation. Love the meaning, too.
    Maeve- Probably the most popular name on your list, but still striking and sirenlike and unusual. One of my favourites on your list.
    Ariadne- I like this, but more in principal than reality. I love the mythological/heroic connections, but the sound of the name itself isn't my favourite. Maybe just because 4 syllables feels like a lot...and the eeeeee___neeeeee sounds I find a little shrill.
    Caoimhe- Lovely but so so hard for people to get their heads round pronouncing outside of Ireland. I don't mind the tricky pronunciation, slight stumbling over the name etc. but people do not even know where to START pronouncing this one!
    Viria- Reminds me of 'virile' and 'porphyria' (I.e. kind of sounds like an illness to me, for some reason). my least favourite on the list!
    Itea- How is this prn? eye-tee-ah? If so the sound 'IT' might be a little linked to computers. Not such a fan of this either (sorry)
    Eris- Ohh I love the sound of this one. Soft, compact, stylish. The meaning really gets to me though. Usually don't care so much about meaning- unless its really special or really awful I am not fussed. But 'strife' is reeeeheeeeeeally no fun.
    Demeter- Would love to see someone use this! It has a beautiful balance about it, and it's feminine in a kind of strong, non girlie-girl way!
    Persephone- A whole lotta name for a little girl (or even a woman). I can see this on a confident person- have a hard time thinking of a shy/self-conscious person trying to carry it off. I like Sephy for a nickname, or Perry, so I guess they make it more wearable..but choosing a name which is almost too fabulous for everyday use is a tricky call, in my book.

    Do you like:

    Eoghan- Like, but so tricky prn wise, again
    Finian- LOVE. Finn is so popular at the mo, but Finian is a more offbeat variation. Like this!
    Seamus- Adore Seamus. No comment except great choice!
    Connell- Like. Reminds me of Daniel O'Connell...pretty good association though!
    Orion- Mmm, have met quite a lot of little Orions but coming from families with quite different naming styles from you. Not that this is necessarily bad, but stylistically this is where I slot him in. The first Orion has sisters names Ebony and Amber, the second has a sister Nevaeh (yep really).
    Cassius- Love, and really like this with some of your girls name choices. Cassius and Maeve is stunning!
    Priam- Can't quite imagine this on a child but it does make me kind of curious! My first impression is serious, slightly mature, VERY heroic-poetryesque.
    Paean- Very very very vowel heavy and makes me think of the insult 'peons'. Not my fave

    Do you like:
    Tobin (er, biased here)

    I love of your list...Cassius, Connell, Seamus, Demeter, Maeve, Eireen

    Good luck- I really like your style.
    Mum to Louis, Hector, Ottilie (Lottie), Martha, and the new and lovely Tobin

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