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    I dont really get winter from these names- but i feel the fire place kinda vibe.

    Only other names that reminds me of cozying up infront of a fire in winter would be Ember, Amber and maybe Holly

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    Eliza, Ziva, Willow, Eve, Inara, Dawn, Indigo, Iris. Sebastian, Rowan, Finn, Callum.

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    Russian names sound wintry to me...Anastasia, Alexandra/Sasha, Ekaterina, Elena, etc.

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    Ruby (nn.: Rhubarb, Roo, Rube, Rubes, Rue)
    Samantha (nn.: Amantha, Anne, Annie, Manny, Sam, Sammy)
    Scarlett (nn.: Carly, Letta, Lettie, Scar, Scarly, Scout)

    1. Scarlett: I prefer Scarlett most. I prefer Charlotte to Scarlett. The colour Scarlett is beautiful. I don't like how Carl is in it: Scarlett.
    2. Ruby: I like Ruby. You could the nn. Red. I don't like how short and limiting it is.
    3. Samantha: Reminds me of Tabitha. It reminds me of Samantha the witch from Bewitched. I think of Halloween before Christmas. I don't like how MAN is in it: Samantha.

    Belle (meaning: beautiful)
    Carol (meaning: free man)
    Clara (meaning: light) (She's also the girl from "The Nutcracker")
    Eira (meaning: snow)
    Estelle, Estella, Esther (meaning: star)
    Evangeline (meaning: bearer of good news)
    Felicity (meaning: happy, good fortune) (Reminds me of Christmas and a time of happiness.)
    Garland (meaning: decorative wreath)
    Gloria (meaning: glory)
    Holiday (meaning: holiday)
    Holly (meaning: holly)
    Ivy (meaning: ivy)
    Josephine (meaning: Jehovah increases) (Josephine is a feminization of Joseph)
    Merry (meaning: merry) (It reminds me of the Christmas time, a merry time.)
    Neva (meaning: white snow)
    Noelle (meaning: Christmas time)
    Seraphine (meaning: fiery) (Seraphine is from the highest order of angels)
    Seren (meaning: star)
    Stella (meaning: star)
    Winter (meaning: winter)

    I would go with Evangeline Winter.

    Evangeline contains Eve and Angel, reminding me of Jesus and Christmas celebrations. Evangeline feels really fresh and sweet, but can easily be seen on an adult.

    Winter is much more whimsical, but it's safe and sweet in the middle spot.

    I'm wishing you the best of luck.

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    My vote is for Scarlett! Scarlett gives me the "warm and cozy, but wintery" vibe the most out of the three. Ruby would be my second pick! ^_^

    Scarlett makes me think of a scarlet woolen scarf on a cold, snowy, winter day. Or sitting around a fire with red embers on a snowy winter night. Or a forest full of red leaves on a chilly autumn day. Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't get a "wintery" vibe from Samantha at all.

    I really like the pp's suggestion of Evangeline Winter! I love Winter! Especially as a first name. What about Winter Josephine, Winter Seraphine, Winter Evangeline, Winter Anastasia, or Winter Noelle?
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