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    Apr 2011
    I have a Ruby, so I love it. But I think Samantha Ruby would be great for you!

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    Apr 2013
    I personally don't like Samantha, but I absolutely love Ruby. It's adorable and gorgeous. I also really like Scarlett.

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    South East England
    I've never liked Ruby. I've always found Ruby harsh in sound, thus making her unappealing to me. My favourite is Scarlett, she sweet and has a very lush sound. I love the association of Gone with the Wind and the colour red. I like the potential nicknames of Scout and Letty. But she's very elegant and doesn't conjure up the cozy, wintery feel that you desire. Whereas Samantha does conjure up that image furthermore you seem more inclined to use Samantha, so I say go for it!! Samantha is a classic name, underused and has a very easy nickname of 'Sam', I like it.

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    I love the name Ruby! Ru is a cute nickname.

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    Thank you so much everyone! You all are lovely.

    Can I ask for suggestions on other "wintery" names? Also, besides Sam & Sammy, what are some other nickname possibilities for Samantha?

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