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    Scarlett, Ruby, or Samantha

    We're due in mid-December and have already narrowed down our choices. Right now we're mulling over Scarlett, Ruby, and Samantha. We want her name to feel warm and cozy, but wintery as well. I feel like I get that the most with Samantha. We're open to suggestions along the lines of that description but would love opinions on the three names listed! I hope this makes sense... Thanks in advance!

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    I like them all, but it's really what you are looking for... Samantha is obviously easy to nickname compared to the others, if that matters to you. Samantha however, is the least feminine... Are you I to the color red because that will dominate with Scarlett and ruby of course I personally like ruby and Samantha but love Scarlett.

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    I totally agree with you n Samantha! It definitely fits your preference best. Scarlett doesn't really feel wintery or cozy. Ruby could be wintery because red is a Christmas color, so I would say Samantha is first, then ruby, then Scarlett. For the record, I like Samantha! It's very sweet.
    It makes me think of the American girl doll, Samantha, who lived in the Victorian era. That only adds to the cozy winter feel,as Victorian Christmases give me that vibe.
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    All three are really pretty! I really love Ruby!

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    I like Samantha with your description. Samantha Ruby would be a really beautiful combination.

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