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    Help! Daughter #4

    Hi nameberries!

    My name is Grace and I am new to nameberry I have been looking around for a while during my pregnancy because my husband and I are completely confused what to name our fourth daughter and final child.

    Here is some background my husband and I live in Ontario Canada and we have 3 daughters already Charlotte Grace "Charlie" (8) Eleanor Marie "Ellie"(4) and Madelyn Sarah "Maddie" (3) all of our daughters go by their nicknames (matchy I know) but have classic full names which we love. We tried for the fourth because I have always wanted a little boy (The boy would have been Theodore or Sebastian if that makes any difference), but to our surprise we are graced with another little girl. This will be our final child and I have accepted I am not getting my boy. I am currently 7 and a half months pregnant and we are so lost for naming this little surprise.

    However, for this pregnancy all me and my husband can think of are short spunky names like Harper, Jade, Leah, Madison (We have always loved Madison but it didnt go with the other 2 so we went with Madelyn) and Sadie. We actually love Sadie and would use it in a heart beat because it goes perfectly with out other girl nick names. But we want all of our girls to have names that fit together, so nickname and a full classic name. I dont want to repeat initials because is easier to label things with a big family lol

    So this is where I need your help we are completely stuck and if you all can help with some ideas we are desperate and are open to anything!
    Thank you
    Grace best friend said Sadie is a cute name for our youngest and she doesnt mind it not being a full name but im not sure....what are your feelings on this?

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    From the names you mentioned I like Leah and Sadie. What about Sandra, Samantha, Isadora, Alessandra/Alexandra, Cassandra with Sadie for a nickname?
    And a few suggestions:
    Francesca/Frances "Frankie/Chessie"
    Natalie "Nata/Talie"
    Jane "Janie"
    Genevieve "Evie"
    Gwendolen "Gwen/Dolly/Wendy"
    Samantha "Sammie"
    Miranda "Mira"
    Violet "ViVi/Lottie"
    Anastasia/Annabeth "Annie"

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    I agree on needing a full name for Sadie Otherwise it is perfect.

    How about?
    Sylvia nn Sylvie
    Matilda nn Tillie
    Camille/a nn Millie or Cami
    Evelyn nn Evie
    Katherine nn Katie
    Harriet nn Hattie

    Love your daughters names by the way! Good luck.
    Mommy to Levi Harper. Expecting Baby Girl in May.

    Norah Neva Sylvie June Vada Hazel Claire Pearl Miriam Nessa Josie Mira Caroline Naomi Elsie
    Simon Jasper Felix August "Gus" Theodore "Theo" Olin Isaac Calvin Reid

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    For Sadie, you could use the long names of Sarah or Seraphina. Other suggestions:
    Anneliese or Annabel (Anna or Annie)
    Vivian (Vivi)
    Adelaide (Addy)

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    How about Susannah, nn Sadie? If that's too much of a stretch, you could go with Annie.

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