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    I also have a very Catholic family. Modern Catholic naming trends reflect the current local naming trends- that is, if you get a list of babies born to Catholic parents and babies born to other parents, you probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference. I've seen children baptized with non-traditional names like Nevaeh and Brayden, old testament names like Tobias and Micaiah, and non-religious names like Paxton and Caoimhe.

    There have, in the past, been rules regarding naming in the Catholic Church, but that's definitely gone away in my area. I've heard that some ultra-conservative churches still have requirements, but I've yet to meet someone who's encountered that. Check with the parish you're planning on baptizing your child in if you aren't sure.

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    I'm not Catholic, but I think OT names are universal among Christians and Jews alike.

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    I'm Catholic. The Old Testament is part of our Bible too so Catholics can definitely use these names. Most of the Old Testament prophets are considered saints as well. There was also a minor saint called Tobias in the fourth century who was martyred. I would encourage you to go for it and if your MIL gives you grief tell her that she's wrong! Tobias is a spunky name.
    All the best,

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    Welcome to Catholicism!

    Your answer is: definitely! As long as the person was considered to be good. All six of my siblings have Old Testament names : )
    Raphael Severus Percy Mercury Arthur Vladimir Fox Peregrine
    . . . . Rafa Pip Dart Fox . . . . . . . . .
    Marguerite Ophélie Elisabet Valentina Catherine Xochitl Aliénor Francesca
    Meg Sabet Cato Léu . . . . . .
    Lavender Felicitas Miuccia Immaculée Alceo Willem Balthasar Jannes

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    I grew up Catholic... I don't know anything about Judaism, but once it is from the bible, it's fair play.
    I don't see any new testament vs old testament distinction.
    This is coming from someone who's grandmother used to read them excerpts from the bible as a bed time story in childhood; My live-in grandma also prayed the rosary every night.

    I'm no longer Catholic, but I spent most of my childhood in the church.

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