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    Question Naming boy from Bible: do Catholics use Old Testament names?

    I posted here last week that we finally found our perfect boys name: Tobias. I love it, and so does my husband. I'm just a little confused about using Old Testament names, as a Catholic (I'm new to Catholicism). My mother in law told us that Catholics traditionally use New Testament names/Saint names for Catholic babies, and that Old Testament names like Tobias are traditionally considered to be Hebrew/Jewish names. I would love some clarity on this subject. Is the name Tobias traditionally considered a Jewish boy's name? Of course, it won't make or break using the name for us; I am just curious. Thanks!

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    I don't see a problem with it (I'm catholic too)! It's a nice, refreshing name to hear. Traditionally, at least one name had to be a saint's name and I actually think there is a st. Tobias!
    Perhaps Raphael could be a middle? Sort of a nice tribute to the book of Tobit...

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    I have a lot of French Canadian (Catholic) ancestors in my genealogy database, and I only found one OT name (Abraham) among a couple hundred or so. The majority included Marie, Joseph, Jean/John/Jeanne, Marguerite, Peter or Paul.

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    Here is a helpful link to Catholic saints: Saints & Angels - Saints & Angels - Catholic Online
    (Tobias is listed!)

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    My family is very Catholic on both sides. While there are definitely lots of Marys or derivations of Mary, there are also lots of Old Testament names that are used and are popular. For example, Daniel, David, Eli, Elijah, Ezekial, and Caleb are all Old Testament names that have been used. I think using Tobias is completely acceptable and a beautiful name. Hope that helps!

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