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    I agree with saracita - Adrianna Gussy is a great name! Lila would be my second choice and I prefer the I spelling - I don't think pronunciation will be a problem.

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    Vote for Sierra, it's perfect.
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    I really like Adrianna and agree with Saracita in her impressions of the name! I like it with beau and the last name and I like the difference in syllable count to soften the last name. They only one I don't care for is lacey. It is too rhymey with the last name and too much like lace and bows gussied up (as mentioned). Plus I don't think it carries as well theocracy a lifetime as Adrianna does. The more I think of Adrianna the more I'm in love with it for your name and family set.

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    Top Names:
    -Harper Gussy - Sounds great, but Harper is popular and rising, so if that's a problem maybe it's not for you. Makes me think of- Haven, Piper, Phillipa, Pippa, Poppy, Penelope, Olive, Hadley, Jasper, Mica, Lark, Larkspur, Laken, Winnie, Darby, Darcy, Delaney, Cassidy
    -Lacey Gussy - too rhymey? Yes it is rhymey to me. I love Lacey!
    -Lyla or Lila - which way would you spell? I am leaning towards Lyla to make it easier (I'm more for easy pronunciation than unique) I like the look of Lila much more. Makes me think of- Lilac, Violet, Viola, Mila, Isla, Lillian, Lilla, Calla, Liliana, Linnea, Leila, Linda, Libby, Willa, Willow, Kyla
    -Adrianna Gussy -- love this, but it seems like an Italian first name with a rather cowboy last name. Does it flow? I think it works. I like a longer, flowy-er name with your surname!
    -Teagan Gussy- It works. Makes me think of- Regan, Teal, Megan
    -Sierra - this would go with my nieces also city names, Viennah and Savannah. This works. The connection is nice, but would you feel tied in to the theme, like you would need to come up with another place name if you have another child?
    -Leighton / Layton- I like Leighton much more and I think "Lay" could be easy for teasing. I think the longer style name is nice with your surname, but this has more of a modern style like the rest of your list.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks!! Bed rest is challenging but I know its worth it! Every day she stays put should decrease the NICU time by about 4-5 days so each day is an accomplishment!

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