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Thread: Combos

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    Which is your favorite combo:

    Big sisters Sylvia nn Sylvie and Josephine nn Josie

    New baby sister arriving in December

    Charlotte nn Charlie or Lottie

    Matilda nn Tilly

    Georgina nn Georgie


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    Big sisters Sylvia nn Sylvie and Josephine nn Josie

    Sylvie, Josie, Georgie - the Jo & Geo is too repetitive

    Tilly or Lottie work with the sibset but i prefer Lottie

    DONT use Charlie, all your other nicknames are feminine, dont leave one to stick out like a sore thumb

    Sylvia, Josephine, & Charlotte
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    Charlotte with either NN is cute.

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    Charlotte nn Lottie is stunning and fits with your girls very well.

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