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    Help me with Miriam, Mira!

    This is super long, but if you like the Swistle names blog, this is right up your alley

    We are expecting our second child next year, and I think I have found THE girl name. I just need to convince my husband.

    A little about our names. We have had Norah June picked out for years, since before our first pregnancy with my son. We both instantly liked it. It was an "old lady" name (type I like) that seemed more current to my husband because of our mutual love for Norah Jones. We thought we would use it for this pregnancy if it were a girl, but a few things have made us feel otherwise:
    1. My two nieces are Naliyah and Nahla.
    2. Apparently, the name is much more popular in our state than the nation. Number 49 this year. Not enough to scare us from a name we love...our son's name is even more popular now.
    3. In the past year, I have met 5 Noras in our city (not including 2 facebook friends with little Noras.) All these Noras are under age 5, 3 of them I met in the last month in our neighborhood! Not just hearing names at the playground, but actual conversations with them or their moms. I have met 1 Levi, 1 Claire, 0 Isaacs, and 0 Emmas. All popular names I love. My husband has even been put off! After the one we met this week, I think he was finally like, lets look for a new name.

    We agreed we would find another name and pretend it was the name, and tell others when they asked what our baby names were. Then we could see if it would grow on us, but if we still love Norah more when baby is born, we would choose it anyways.

    Thus my quest. We like short and sweet names. Classic and familiar names. (My name is basically made up, and is a pain!) Names with positive meanings. Less used names are a big plus. Names we agree on: Claire, Hazel, Ruby, Clara, June, Mara, Cora, Neva.

    Our son is Levi. And our boy name for baby is Simon Reid Mc. Last name is the Mc Irish name in my signature.

    Yesterday, I found "THE" name. Miriam called Mira. Miriam June Mc. Mira June.

    Why I love it?
    1.Miriam has been on my list for a while, just does not fit our short, sweet, simple style we gravitate to. She is classic and underused.
    2. Mira can be short, sweet. I love Mira. It sounds like so many other names we/I love. Nora, Cora, Clara, Vera, Mara.
    3. Mira has tons of beautiful meanings: peace, admirable, sea, star.
    4. The first meaning I saw for Miriam was "longed for child." We have gone through two miscarriages for this baby, and it just feels perfect.
    5. Cute nicknames: Mira, Miri, Mim.
    6. Cool Biblical story.
    7. Related to Mary, my living great grandmother.

    1. More formal than our style.
    2. Creates double Ms with our last name.
    3. Mira maybe not so easy to pronounce and spell? (MEER-AH)
    4. I typically stray from names that use the nickname primarily, but I love both these so is like getting to use two names I love!

    I have two areas where I need your help!
    1. Help me convince DH this is "the" name. I know he will not like Miriam, even if he does like Mira. Too formal, stuffy, old is my guess. He seems to like names he can connect to pop culture. Norah to Norah Jones. Mara to Mara Jade Skywalker from Star Wars. Cora to some Korra from a cartoon. Any cool references for Miriam?
    2. Does Miriam work with Levi? If we have another child, does it have to be Biblical, or will another classic work? If we were to just go with Mira as the full name, does she work with Levi? Would we be stuck with another slightly less heard of name for a third? I like my kids to at least sound like they belong together. What name would you give to a sibling of Miriam and Levi? Mira and Levi?

    Thanks for sticking with me!

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    I have to admit that I really like the name Norah! But I see why you've been put off. I also like Miriam and Mira. I think that Mira goes best with Levi and your style. However pronunciation may be a problem as I initially pronounced it as MY-RA instead of MEE-RA. Having said that I don't think it is a major issue so I recommend you go for it!
    If DH doesn't agree:

    Agnes nn Ness
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    Miriam nn Mira is adorable! I would pronounce Mira as MEER-AH just from looking at it. Miriam is actually the name of a song by Norah Jones, not sure if that's enough of a pop culture reference for your husband.

    I think Miriam is a very biblical name, because of it's association with one prominent character, and the fact that's underused as a name today. It makes Miriam and Levi sound great as a sibset! However, using a name that has no biblical associations with it next to Miriam and Levi might not feel as cohesive. That being said, I think you could get away with it.

    Some other suggestions:
    Nola (same feel as Norah, but probably much too similar to your nieces' names)
    Jade - love this one, simple, sweet and familiar, but not overused
    Cara - Similar to Clara, but less popular

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    Norah is a beautiful name, but it is really popular. I have a friend who just recently had a Norah May.

    Miriam nn Mira is very cute. Ive always loved Miriam, and Mira fits that short, sweet name you're looking for. I dont see why Mira would have pronounciation issues. I read it as Meer-ah right away. I thought Miriam was a variation of Mary, and had the same meaning... If not, the meaning you found is sweet. I think Miriam and Levi sound good together. I wouldnt worry about the alliteration of miriam with your last name.

    Moira - i think levi and moira would be sweet
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    I love both Miriam and Mira.

    Mira and Levi are a darling sibset and using Mira would avoid the OT name thing. I immediately thought Meer-ah. I can't imagine anyone saying My-rah unless there were a y there. IMO this is the way to go. I love them together.

    Miriam is more formal but if you love it, go for it. Miriam and Levi are definitely biblical together but not so much that it would preclude a non-biblical name.

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