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    I really love all the names you had listed in your OP.

    My best guy friends' full name is Niko Allen,
    so there is another option for you I thought I'd list.

    Niko is a really great, strong name. But fun at the same time!
    That moment you realize... this is my circus & these are my monkeys...
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    Nico is a fantastic name on it's own or as a nn. I love the suggestion of Dominic nn Nico. My favorites of your combos:

    Nico Valentine Thomas- I would spell it Valentin to make the name more masculine
    Nico Alexander Thomas
    Nico Ellington Thomas
    Nico Grey Thomas
    Nico Jullian Thomas
    Nico Gabriel Thomas

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    I went to high school with a Niko.
    It is a name that will stand the test of time and trust me when I say Niko is now as educated and as much of a business man as it gets! (in adulthood)
    Very well educated guy with an important job.

    So I won't worry about it not standing the test of time or surviving to adulthood or being a good solid name... Because it is a good solid name.
    People (including on this forum) have done alot worse.
    For eg this lady on the Girls forum is pregnant and thinking of giving her child the guilty pleasure name Mirage (despite opening a previous thread on the matter where people brought up the literal meaning of the name as an illusion, the Vegas casino and it as a stripper name)... people have and will do alot worse

    And plus girls are given short names like Nina and Leah all the time.... Why not a short name on a guy?
    Its even been in the top 1000 for awhile so it is a known name
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    I prefer Nico to Niko as i like names with 'c' as oppose to 'k' spellings.
    The only thing with using Domenico is that longer names tend to be a gateway to other nicknames for family member who don't necessarily like the name, so I would just get straight to the point and use Nico. Especially as Domenico isn't a common name compared to Nico.

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    Thanks for all the thoughts and comments . We're still undecided but Nico has moved up a few spots

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