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    Middle name ideas for Nico 2 help convince my wife .

    Im pretty stuck on the name Nico for my boy . When i close my eyes and picture him that was the first and continues to be the only name that i can imagine for him , so to me that seems pretty right :) but I'm having a hard time convincing my wife because she and I can't seem to find a middle name . Other reasons she thinks Nico might not work are that she thinks Nico is more a nickname and she thinks that it won't stand by itself as a full name . Any thoughts on that ? Also the spelling of it has both her and myself a bit confused . I like Nico but also Niko . Again any thoughts on that ? Below are a few middle names I thought of , but feedback and ideas for more would be so greatly appreciated ! I'm determined to convince her , but I truly want her to be happy with his name and I want him to have a great name not just as a child but always . Thanks in advance for your time and consideration .

    Nico Hendrix Thomas
    Nico Chase Thomas
    Nico Valentine Thomas
    Nico Jaz Thomas
    Nico Alexander Thomas
    Nico Ellington Thomas
    Nico Jamison Thomas
    Nico Jaxson Thomas
    Nico Vincent Thomas
    Nico Flynn Thomas
    Nico Joseph Thomas
    Nico Chance Thomas
    Nico Miles Thomas
    Nico Grey Thomas
    Nico Asher Thomas
    Nico Hemmingway Thomas
    Nico Cash Thomas
    Nico Benedict Thomas
    Nico Roman Thomas
    Nico Jullian Thomas
    Nico Gabriel Thomas
    Nico Cruz Thomas
    Nico Giovanni Thomas
    Nico Angelo Thomas

    If I can't sell her on Nico , my fallback would be Domenico and his nickname would be Nico , so that's a thought as well if anyone had a good middle name for that as well :) if I completely fail on Nico I'm also thinking Jackson Cooper Thomas which is totally different I know but I think Jack Cooper is pretty strong just not my favorite because I can't get Nico out of my head and I know it's a great name but it seems to me that their are probably a lot of Jack Coopers out there which is great but I want something more personal . I don't know if I made any sense . Please help !!! -lost dad 2 b
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    Domenico nn Nico is wonderful ! Love it. My dad is a Niko with full name Nicholas . How about that ? Also if you cant convince her about Domenico how about Dominic or Nikolai ? Althought i prefer Jackson Cooper Thomas (btw fabulous ) i really like Nico .

    My favorite from your list :

    Nico Alexander Thomas
    Nico Grey Thomas ( althought i prefer Domenico Grey Thomas )
    Nico Julian Thomas
    Nico Gabriel Thomas

    Domenico Cruz Thomas ( love it )

    How about :

    Nico Sebastian Thomas
    Nico Edward Thomas
    Nico Benjamin Thomas
    Nico Samuel Thomas
    Nico Everett Thomas
    Nico Antony Thomas
    Niko Hunter Thomas
    Nico Raphael Thomas
    Nico Raoul Thomas
    Nico Valentin Thomas
    Nico Oliver Thomas
    Nico August Thomas

    Domenico Vincent Thomas
    Domenico Barnaby Thomas
    Domenico Raphael Thomas
    Domenico James Thomas
    Domenico Marshall Thomas

    I prefer Niko to Nico .

    Good luck & best wishes

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    Thank you for your response . You had some great suggestions and I really like Domenico Cruz as well , but am still gotta fight for Nico Thanks again , take care

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    go with a longer version - Dominic or Nicolas or Nicander and use Nico as a nickname, gives your child options to grow up into and way more middle name possibilities.
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    I really like Nico Chase Thomas! You have your heart set on it so I hope you can convince your wife.
    Here are some ideas:
    Nico Walter Thomas
    Nico Romeo Thomas
    Nico Tennyson Thomas (like this!)
    Nico Hawthorne Thomas
    Nico Edison Thomas (This too)
    Nico Huck Thomas

    Hope these helped!

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