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  • Seth

    23 22.12%
  • Logan

    14 13.46%
  • Oliver

    48 46.15%
  • Wyatt

    19 18.27%
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    Definitely Oliver if big brother is a Wesley. They just go together perfectly!

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    I agree with the previous posters - wouldn't Oliver Wyatt be handsome, especially with big brother Wesley Owen????????? Their initials would be W.O. and O.W., how cute is that? <3

    I'll never forget the day I realized that my brother and I shared initials. I was about 10 and we were all playing a game. I was appointed to keep track of the points, so I got my pad of paper ready to make columns for each person: M for mom, D for dad, K.J. for Kris and K.J.....wait both our initials are K.J.??? That's awesome! Probably the coolest thing my mom ever did (hey, I was 10, what can I say? lol)
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    Thank you everyone for all of your help! We're going to have a discussion about the name today and hopefully leave with a decision! Lol. : )

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    Never heard of the name Wyatt. Don't like it with Wesley though.
    Seth is nice but definitely depends on the surname.
    Logan is a type of berry to me and not a name although It does sound nice.
    Oliver would be my choice- a handsome, classic name. Also any of your other names would work well as a middle name.
    Oliver Logan
    Oliver Wyatt
    Oliver Seth (though Sebastian might work better.)

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    I also really like Oliver Wyatt with Wesley Owen

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