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    Naming Twin Girls...I need help on their names and pronunciations!

    Hi Everyone,

    I need your opinions on the names I am currently considering for our twin girls!! The first is Juliet Eisley (pronounced eyes-ley) and her sister would be Viola Olianne (Oleanne?).

    We are struggling with Viola's name a bit. Olianne is our favourite middle pairing, but after some digging we are still unsure if it is a name in its own right, or something we somehow took away as a name from Olianna/Oleanna. We did consider Oleanna--and Olea as well--but thought staying away from two names that end in "a" might create better flow. Although I wonder if Olea has better flow than Olianne...

    We are also struggling with pronunciation, in both Viola and Olianne/Oleanne. I have always pronounced Viola without the harsh emphasis on the "O", similar to how the O almost disappears in Violet. I have never pronounced it as Vi-O-la, and am not really sure I like it that way. How would you pronounce it? Help! Also, I wonder if Olianne is pronounced differently from Oleanne: Olianne as in Oliver or "Ollie-anne", while Oleanne would have the emphasized "O" as in O-leanne. I like the sound of both, but how are they pronounced, and if different, which do you prefer? I like the repeating letters that Olianne brings to Viola (there are a few in Juliet Eisley too), and thought this repetition would create some nice symmetry in each name as well as between the two. Of course, that is only minor though, and I am more concerned with giving each girl a beautiful name she deserves regardless of whether it fits neatly her sister's.

    A bit of context...Viola and Juliet are both some of my favourite Shakespeare characters in two of my favourite Shakespeare plays. Shakespeare is one of my favourite playwrights, I wrote my Masters' Thesis on some of his work, and my husband likes the plays too. I cannot wait until my girls grow and I can share with them the amazing qualities I find these characters to hold. And, even better, we both love the names themselves.

    Any thoughts on the names and their pronunciations would be so appreciated!

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    I love the name Juliet and considered it for both of my daughters, although I've never heard of Eisley. I quite like Viola- My daughter plays the Viola - I think I would pronounce them as you do with no harsh pronunciation on the 'o' and 'Ollie-anne.'

    I've never thought it essential give twins similar names. I have 2 year old twins Madeline and James. At first we were told they were both girls and I wasn't concerned about 'similar names' James would have been Teghan.

    Hope that helped and congrats about you lovely little girls!
    P.s. I really love your name Elle

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    First of all, I love the Shakespeare names! I caught on to the connection right away. Viola is one of my favorite characters as well!
    I normally pronounce it Vy-OH-la, but there's also Vee-OH-la and VI-oh-lah. I take it the latter is how you'd like it to be pronounced?
    In all honesty (and this is coming from someone named Michaila, so I know about pronunciation problems) I wouldn't worry too much about how it's pronounced. You call her Viola and pronounce it your way and she'll introduce herself pronouncing it that way. Correcting mispronunciations will be easy, and it's not that big of a difference. Someday I want to name my daughter Rosalind (another wonderful Shakespeare name-he used Rosalind/Rosaline about three times, I believe) I'd prefer it be pronounced ROZ-a-lind, bot I know she'll get ROSE-a-lind every now and then. It's not going to stop me from using Rosalind though.

    Out of curiosity, how did you decide on Eisley and Ollianne? I find Eisley easy to pronounce, but whether Ollianne is spelt Oleanne or Ollianne, I still pronounce it like "Oh Lee Ann" With this pronunciation, I don't really like the two long o's in Viola Olleane. They kind of blur into each other. If you pronounced it like Ollie-Ann, it's better, but still too close for my liking. I personally think that Juliet Olleanne and Viola Eisley flow much better.

    I'm not a fan of Viola Olea either. it reminds me of a friend of mine whose full name is Josiah Sigh-easy Asada Asada (spelling is not correct. just the sound. He goes by Cy) It's super repetitive, and I don't feel like middle names should flow or have extremely similar sounds to the first name.

    For example, take me and my sister. I'm Michaila (pronounced like Mikayla) and she's Kerilyn (Carrie-lynn) Our middle names are Christine and Elizabeth. (I was born 2 weeks before Christmas and Elizabeth is my mom's name) As the oldest, had my parents decided to name me Michaila Elizabeth to honor my mom, I don't think it would have flowed as well as Michaila Christine. Sometimes Elizabeth is pronounced more like Alizabeth and the ending sound of my first name and the beginning sound of my middle name would have tongue twisted anyone who tried to say my full name.

    Juliet Eisley works because Juliet ends with a hard t, but Viola ends with a vowel, which can make any vowel-starting middle name sound weird.

    But in the end, the pronunciation of the middle name isn't a huge deal; the only time it's ever used is for graduations and such, and you can make sure that it's pronounced the way you want it to. Lovely name choices, though!
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    I love Juliet and Viola!
    Some suggestions similar to yours...
    Juliet Eliza
    Juliet Isla

    Viola Ottolie
    Viola Ottoline

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    LOVE Juliet Eisley

    Viola Olianne - TOO MUCH 'O', Olianne Viola is better because the anne gives a lil bit more of a gap between the double o sounds

    VEE-o-la, it has a totally different sound that Violet. i can only think of Vyola to possibly get the i sound but trust me, stick with Viola and the traditional pronunciation. think of it as how Shakespeare would have said it (though probably not if you have ever hear anyone speak old english lol everything sounds weird)

    you dont need to worry if the Olianne isnt a real name compared to Olianna - its just an e, and Ann and Anne and Anna are basically interchangeable at any time and are legitimate.
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