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    Reilly for a boy?

    I am going to have my little man any day now! I think Reilly is the name I will stick with as his first name. But now I am struggling with choosing a middle name. My boyfriend likes the middle names Jackson and Joel. However, I REFUSE to allow my son to be nick named RJ. I HATE RJ. So, I am in search of a fitting middle name that goes with Reilly. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    If you don't call him RJ and request that the family doesn't either, I can't see why he would end up as RJ. Reilly Joel is, IMO, a very nice sounding name.

    On the other hand, William, Noah or Adam would sound very nice with the name Reilly.

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    I agree with bonnielyn, there's no reason that he would have to end up being called RJ. It would be different if you wanted to name him Alexander and absolutely hated the nn Alex, but RJ is a much more subtle potential nickname. As long as you started out with a different nn/no nn, I think it would be fine.

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    My boyfriend's brother is named Riley Jacob and no one has ever thought to call him RJ, we always call him Riley or Ry. I hope that helps!
    Others will tend to only call him what you call him, so if you call him Rei or Reilly, family will too

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    I'm going to agree with the other posters and say that RJ will not be an option unless you make it one.
    You picked the first name, let him have the middle name.
    Only person I know called AJ has a double barrelled first name Amelia-Jane and each name was one the parents liked and they called her AJ as a compromise.

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