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Thread: OT...Doctor Who

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    OT...Doctor Who

    Ok, I give up. I need to watch Doctor Who. The concept sounded stupid at first, but the more I hear about it, the more I want to watch it. I realize I'm like 7 seasons behind, but I've always been behind (was the last to read Twilight, the last to read Hunger Games, the last to watch the Harry Potter movies...hell I was the last of my friends to get a computer or cell phone).

    So, I need to know where I can watch the first 6 seasons online. I don't have Netflix. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Try tvmuse
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    If you have Blockbuster or another video rental store, they'll have it as well. It's typically better quality too.
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    Project Free tv works for me. You just type that in, then the show and what season. They usually have a variety of different links.
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    I've just rewatched the first two series* with my friend and we had to stop due to emotional trauma, lol. Seven years on and it still got me. I am sorry for what you're about to experience!

    You'll also have the interesting experience of watching - with fresh eyes - the series in it's heyday and seeing how it all starts to fall apart when Moffat takes over. The last series was dire and the acting slips because the writing slips.

    *by first two I mean new series circa 2005.

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