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    Help with middle name beginning w/ "M"

    We are naming our daughter Stella. Our last name is Herman. My husband wants Monroe as the middle name, for his grandfather. I don't mind Stella Monroe, but w/ Herman? More old man, less little girl?
    Any suggestions for middle names starting w/ "M"? Thank you!

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    I don't know if this sounds cheesy to you, but Stella Maris?

    Stella Marceline
    Stella Marianne
    Stella Martine
    Stella Mariette
    Stella Monique
    Stella Matilda
    Stella Mabel
    Stella May
    Stella Margaret
    Stella Madeleine

    Stella Monroe sounds fine, and I am always all for honoring family! Good luck!
    | Arabella Monet | Henrietta Plum | Isolde Noor | Agatha Ruby | Marian Primrose |
    | Emma Berlin | Cressida Lilac | Jessamine Lark | Vivienne Snow | Ireland Eve |

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    I don't think it sounds old-manish at all. Stella is so sweet and feminine, and I love the sound of Stella Monroe. I think it's even more special because of the meaning behind it.

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    Stella Mary
    Stella Marian
    Stella Marie
    Stella Millicent
    Stella Maureen
    Stella Minette
    Stella Mireille

    Stella Monroe is solid, but you might want to tell your husband if you'd prefer something more traditionally feminine for the middle slot.

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    I like it actually.
    Stella Monroe Herman... I see Monroe as more of a tribute to Marilyn Monroe than old man name.
    So I look at it from that angle

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