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    Opinion and Suggestions on Sibling Name for New Arrival in a Month!

    So last year I had my first son and it was a doozy trying to come up with names for him. My husband is Pakistani and I am a Celtic mutt. We wanted to see what our baby looked like before naming him (and also see if it was a boy or girl). Our children will get my husband's last name, which is Arabic, so I like the idea of them getting a non-Arabic first name.

    It took 10 days after he was born but we ended up naming our firstborn Keaton Patrick which we adore and it totally suits him (he definitely looks like a Caucasian baby with a good tan). Now I'm expecting in a little over a month's time and I have no idea how this sibset naming thing goes!

    We still have our girls names set aside from round one and we are not finding out the gender this time around. I feel like I have a good selection there. If it is a boy, however, I'm at a loss!

    For some odd reason, I'm in love with the name Koa Douglas (Douglas being my grandfather). I love the connection between the two strong trees, I love the meaning of Koa (a fearless man), and we happened to conceive on vacation in Hawaii...

    Three questions:
    1) Is it too different from Keaton?
    2) Is it weird to have two names with the same letter (but two totally different genres of names)
    3) I have a nephew named Noah (which I love) - does it matter that it's so similar?

    If anyone has any suggestions of other boy names to go with Keaton, we are TOTALLY open and would love to hear them!

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