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    Love love love Jude. It's on my list for future sons, even though it doesn't really fit with my other names.
    It's probably in the top 200 but I've never met another Jude except for in a novel haha.
    My vote goes for yes!
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    Personally, I'm not a fan of Jude. I don't think of Judas at all, any more than I would automatically associate it with the Judah in the Old Testament. Jude Law isn't a bad association, and I don't think it is an iron clad one by any means. Not like, as someone mentioned, naming a child Oprah or Cher. I'm a huge Beatles fan, and Hey Jude happens to be my number one favorite song of all time. So, for me the connection with the Beatles is only an awesome bonus. What stops me is that I picture it as a somewhat wimpy, nerdy person. It doesn't seem to have the strength or Oomph that I personally like to see in my name choices.

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    I love the name Jude and plan on naming my son Jude

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    Jude is tied at #1 on my list. it's been my #1 for several years. i AM a beatle's fan & one of my favorite songs 'hey Jude' turned me on to the name. i don't associate it with Judas as i instead think of the Jude that wrote the book of Jude instead. i also think of the sexy, sexy Jude Law, which i think is totally fine. all in all, i love it
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