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    I love the name Jude. It's on my favorite list. I do think of the Beatles song, "Hey Jude" when I hear it, but I don't think that is bad association at all.
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    Jude is a likeable, sweet name. I guess I think of Jude Law and "Hey Jude", but that's definitely not a bad thing. It's not a one-person name like Oprah or anything. Think of it this way: it comes with its own lullaby.

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    I associate it with the song "Hey Jude," but I think it's an appropriate name for a boy! I actually never considered it until I started watching The Fosters, where they have a foster son who is about 10 named Jude.
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    Jude is a nice name. I do think of the song, but is that really that bad? I see it more as a NN, but it is usable as a first name.

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    I think Jude is very wearable.
    I did slightly think of Judas.
    I didn't even remotely think of Jude Law.
    I was singing :Hey Jude in my head... but I like that song- it has a good meaning.

    Overall, I think it is a good name. I falls into the same basket as Gabriel in my mind- a bit unisex ish due to Judy and Gabrielle.
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