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    Love it! I don't think of Judas at all, but I do think of Jude Law and "Hey Jude"--both in a good way!

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    My initial thought is "Hey, Jude," and although he will likely receive this joke a million times over the course of his life, I don't think there's any real negative association with the name. Judas wasn't even on my radar, and to me "Jude Law" reads like 1 full name... I never think of him as being a "Jude." (Similarly with Johnny Depp. I don't ever think of him as just a "Johnny").
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    Jude and Judas are TWO different apostles so I don't link them together. One was good (Jude) and one was a baddie (Judas) Yes, the name makes me think of actor Jude Law and the Beatles' song "Hey, Jude" but they aren't horrible associations, are they? The Jude in the song actually refers to John Lennon's son Julian. For such a short, one-syllable name, Jude sounds strong and masculine. And as far as popularity is concerned, Jude was No# 162 in the US in 2012 (that's just 2,456 boys) so unless they're are loads of Judes running around where you live, I wouldn't worry about it too much.
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    I really like Jude but I think it makes a lovely middle name rather than a first name.

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    I have a cousin name Jude... and though someone occasionally brings up the Judas association, it is not very often.
    Even religious persons (and my family is very religious) know the difference between St. Jude and Judas, but that doesn't mean that the association won't be brought up.
    I'd go for it, my 4 yr old cousins name is Jude and he seems to be wearing the name quite well
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