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    Deciding on Middle Name for Eloise

    I *think* we've decided on Eloise as this little one's first name. Louise is DH's grandmother's name, and Eloise would honor her. We'll use a NN of Ella or Ellie, but she will go primarily by Eloise.

    For the middle name slot, I want to use Joy for my grandmother Joyce.

    I really, really love Violet. I love the name, and this is my last child. I so want to use it! I want to incorporate it, too, but DH doesn't like it as a first name.

    So....Eloise Joy or Eloise Joy Violet?

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    Jun 2013
    Eloise Violet Joy is sweet.

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    If your last baby's last name is what appears in your username, I agree that Eloise Violet Joy has the best flow. I say go for it, use all three names.

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    Thanks! I think I'll bring this possibility to DH and get a name down!

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    Eloise Violet Joy is my vote! :]
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