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    Caspian. One is a prince, the other is a ghost. No contest.
    I agree with this if I'm being honest, but go with your gut!

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    Both great, though Caspian has a few more options for more modern nicknames (i.e. Cas or Caz as well as Ian)? I think the connection with Caspar the Ghost will be very difficult to shake, might get teased for it. But,I think it also depends on what the MN will be?

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    I like both equally.
    Caspar is very traditional and though the thought of the ghost does come up... I think it is a good association to have in childhood as he is a loving friendly kind person.
    Caspian whilst literary and geographic, I agree is very trendy.

    In all honestly, I'd rather have the Caspar association (and yes I did read all 7 Narnia books in childhood as I had the complete collection)
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    My boss' name is Casper (with an -er) and my husband's best friend has the surnamed Kasper. Although the initial thought is always "the friendly ghost," both men have very much made the name distinctly theirs and the association is long since forgotten. I'd say go with Caspar because it's fresh and bold, and likely will become more commonly known as a name than a ghost moving forward.
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