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    It's not my typical style but I quite like it! I'm not sure what makes the name teasable. Caspian David is really nice!
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    I adore Caspian!
    Caspian David sounds really good but Caspian Simes doesn't sound right even though Simes is a nice name.
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    LOVE Caspian, in fact it's on our list (w/ the nickname Cass, which I also really love for a boy).

    For me, middle choice entirely depends on last name. I have a 2-syllable last name but like a lot of 2-syllable first names, so I balance the 2-2 pattern with a 3 or 1 middle (prefer 2-1-2 or 2-3-2 over 2-2-2, which is actually what my own name is :P). With that, I think both Caspian Simes and Caspian David work great.

    I hope you choose Caspian, it really is a wonderful name that just doesn't get enough love in the naming world!
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    @saracita000, what is your Caspian's middle name/nickname? Just curious What kind of responses do you get to the name? I'm so in love with it! Thanks so much!

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