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Thread: Name Regret

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    I love his name. I completely agree with rkrd! Also, I don't personally care for Hudson. I feel like it's too trendy. Jack Hawthorne will stand the test of time much better. I also think that the name is a perfect fit with his sisters' names (which are lovely).

    I promise that I'm not lying to reassure you. I think you did very well in naming all of your children.

    Congrats on your son!!!

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    Thank you for all the support. I don't think he feels like a Hawthorne or a Hawk either, although I am grateful for the suggestions. I will save both of those ideas for when he is a little older, because maybe they will work better for an older kid than a baby(?). I guess I just have to keep thinking about it- I'm wondering if I did decide to change it to Hudson if I would have regrets about that name too. Because it doesn't feel as classic as Jack does and then would I worry that his name was too trendy, that it doesn't fit with his sisters names, etc. So before I say anything to my husband, I need to be sure that I one hundred percent want to change it. Which is I guess what I am doing by posting on here and trying to figure it out... I really appreciate the helpful responses. You guys are so great. Thank you.

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    I will tell you that we named my daughter in the hospital and I didn't love the name, but agreed to it just to be done with the stress and have something to call our baby girl. I immediately regretted it and I cried for at least 2 weeks about her not looking like a Zoey (the name we picked) and how it was too common and too trendy and about a million other things. I even tried calling her other names in private just to see if anything else felt more "right".

    You are not alone!

    We didn't change her name, I don't think my husband would've ever gone for that idea. But I did get used to it and now that it is HER name it suits her and it fits. And yes, I still don't LOVE her name, but that's ok.

    Jack is a great name and classic. I like Hawk as a nickname if he turns out to be a crazy little boy.

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    I definitely don't think you should change it! Jack is a great classic name, and in combination with the middle name Hawthorne is very distinctive. It's normal to feel some "buyers remorse" after making a big decision like this. It sounds to me like you would have these feelings no matter which name you chose. You have already listed pros and cons for both options. Your son will grow into his name and his name will grow on him, I promise you. Plus, it sounds like your husband loves and is attached to your son's name already, and depending on your daughters' ages, they may be as well. I think you just need to give it more time to sink in.
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    Jack Hawthorne is a really cool name; combining the two makes it unique, while still complimenting his sister's names.

    But if your heart isn't in it, holding onto this feeling without voicing it will only make things feel worse for you.

    Hudson Jack is neat, plus it would make you feel better and keep Jack in his name, making your husband happy as well.

    What I suggest is you write a letter to your husband, explaining your feelings. Letters help people read your thoughts and get your point across without someone interrupting you. Plus you can take your time with what you want to say.

    It will lift a weight off of your shoulders if you do.
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