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    @thatkathryngirl - meh. There's not a ton of significance behind Zane. It's rumored to be a form of John, which is the name of both my father, brother, and grandfather, but other than that, it's just a name I like (which is why I'm okay with two non-family names in the middle). I generally tend to prefer just names I love as FNs, with names with significance in the middle (whether it be for family, or for something I value, such as a great work of literature, my faith, or a value, like perseverance, or always having hope). With Zane Alexander Caspian, I like the balance of family and literary or historical figures that (hopefully!) my son could look up to.
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    I love Zane Alexander Caspian. I don't think it loses charm at all, I think it sounds very handsome.

    Zane is on my mn list, and Ive been throwing Caspian around a lot lately. Alexander is a tragedy for me. I love the name, I love the sound, I love the meaning and the namesakes, and historical significance... And me and SO actually agree on it, which is rare. Its actually his favorite boys name... Countless times I've told myself its the name, and then I waiver. Because my name is Alexandria, and I feel like maybe its too close. I love it, but I can't use it, and its so frustrating.

    I remember back a few years ago, when you had Ashton on your list and was worried about the same thing. It just really sucks when you find a great name, only to realize its not really doable.
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    Very handsome! A bit daring without being over the top. Though you know I would prefer to see Caspian in a more prominent place ;-)
    I really like the combo.

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    I love the combo Zane Alexander Caspian. Its strong and I think it flows well. I'm not a big fan of Zane, but I like it in this combo. I would keep it.
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    Zane Alexander Caspian? I DIE. Handsome, strong, romantic, and eminently wearable. Seriously, perfection.
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