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    We were similar with this one, I wanted to know & hubby didn't. He agreed to finding out evenutally though after i explained to him that as this is my first (he's got a son already) and i'm a planner, I really wanted to know so i can be more prepared. The comprimise is though that when we have another in a couple of years and it's not all such a big unknown to me - on that one we'll have a gender surprise
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    We found out with both Elizabeth and Annabelle. I truly hate surprises and just wanted to know.

    This time it was less about wanting to know and more about helping my husband and I agree on names. We asked to find out but little burito was not cooperative so we have no idea if it's a boy or girl. To be honest that's driving me crazy! I don't do well with not knowing but we have no choice but to wait until November now. Also knowing might shut everyone up about it "having to be " a boy! Yes we have 2 girls (and they only have female cousins) but seriously what would be wrong with us having 3 daughters? A boy would be wonderful (and I know my husband wants one) but so would another girl.
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