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    I never wanted to find out. It didn't stop me from planning and getting ready for the baby, I just didn't buy lots of pink or blue crap (didn't anyway even when baby was born) and I got to pick 2 sets of names which wasn't a problem for us. I loved imagining having both. I also loved that my DP got to announce the gender at birth of our first 3 children, that, cutting the cord and handing the baby over to me became his little moment when most of the pregnancy and birth is about me and then the baby.

    This time we found out and I was very unhappy (it was a misunderstanding between us and the sonographer). I'm finding it harder to commit to a name and I feel like I'm missing out on some bits of pregnancy that I really love.
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    I found out the sex in advance. I am also not about gender stereotyping, but not so much that I picked a unisex name and chose baby items to be completely neutral. I found out simply because I wanted any info possible about the little person living inside of me. And I also wanted to make naming easier and gift giving/baby stuff buying easier. I still collected plenty of non-pink items.

    I must admit, I spent a lifetime sneaking peaks at my Christmas presents before the big day. I don't like surprises!!

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    I am due with our 3rd child any day and it is our 3rd someone else said - there is nothing that compares to being told after giving birth that 'it's a boy!' We already have 2 sons and when people say to me 'you must be hoping for a daughter?' I reply 'we tried for a baby...not a girl!' Tough decision, good luck!

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    I was just way to nosy to find to find out the gender as soon as I could. I originally wanted it to be a surprise but couldn't go through with it haha I caved. My boyfriend was so excited to be having a baby but once we found the gender he really started to bond the baby instantly become his daughter and a lot more real for him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    I never had any problems bonding with my baby because I didn't know the gender, I felt her in me every day. I felt that if someone would need to know the gender to bond, it should be the father who doesn't feel the baby move around inside of him.
    I agree with this

    I found out with my son Cato. I wanted to find out because it was my first baby and the pregnancy was already a surprise so we wanted to just have something that we KNEW. and my husband's families are very confrontational and I just know they would have started drama over us not telling them whether the baby was a boy or girl.

    With this pregnancy, we weren't going to find out (I've stopped caring about what our families/friends think)...but then we found out that I'm having twins sooo...yeah haha, again...didn't need more surprises. The technician took an early guess for one of our twins (a girl) but I won't really trust it until 20 weeks.

    Next pregnancy...DEFINITELY NOT finding out. I want to have that experience even though I know I will be very impatient. But that extra motivation during labor? Worth it! That is a big big pro for me.

    In the end...its about your situation and how well you think you could handle not finding out until the big day comes.
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