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    I'm glad that you're considering Cleopatra. I think she is incredibly wonderful with Aphrodite. I also think that you should use Guinevere is the middle so that it leaves Morgana usable in the future.

    Cleopatra Guinevere Lilac
    Cleopatra Guinevere Yvaine
    Cleopatra Guinevere Phoebe
    Cleopatra Guinevere Delphine
    Cleopatra Guinevere Isolde
    Cleopatra Guinevere Willow
    Cleopatra Guinevere Sophie
    Cleopatra Guinevere Selene

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    Cleopatra Phoebe Atalanta is stunning!

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    Yay! One down. Looking forward to hearing your Morgana and Gwenllian combos. And Nimue!
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    Sessh; you know, Cleopatra's my favourite now. It might be because she's the only one that's complete... but the combo really took it to the lead for me. I really love her paired with Phoebe and Atalanta! It makes it so versatile and glittery.

    Sweetpea; Isolde's still in the running as a first name! Yvaine I'm putting on my Gwenllian list.

    Lex; there's still Gwen, Isolde, Morgana, Immie and Bee fun to be had! If our friends name their daughter Phoebe I'd still be happy to keep it as a middle. Besides, last time we saw them she had Scarlett and Chloe as her top two. If it does bother me, I still love the Daphne one. Daphne's so much fun! Cleopatra Isolde Atalanta is gorgeous too!!

    Unique; oooooh Cleopatra Guinevere Phoebe is beautiful! I really love this one, I will discuss this with Husband. Gorgeous!

    Southern; yay, thanks!

    Erica; Yay yay, Gwenllian's up next. I'm doing them alphabetically, haha! I have no clue with Gwen so I'll need help...

    Thanks all so much! I also noticed I said one day down up there, I meant one name down. I'm re-reading One Day, must've been in my head...
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