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    Tiggerian; yes, the Mio book is wonderful so it would be a sweet nod to Scandinavian childhood. It means loving doves? Oooh so sweet!

    Reverie; I love the muses with just about anything! Such fabulous suggestions. I really like Cleopatra Ourania Maris, but all Mari- names are out because of Dita's Marian middle. I really like Alcyone Giselle too!

    Alannah; well, Muffs cleared that one up. Maybe check a little before you start pointing fingers next time .

    Muffinmama; Thank you!

    Gwen; Class eh? And another for ADM. Thank you!

    Dina; Back to work, how nice. All weeks are the same to me (sniffles). Thanks for casting your votes... !

    Two more that popped into my head:

    Cleopatra Daphne Atalanta

    Daphne's got all the nymph beauty, some amazing sculptures, the Waterhouse painting, Daphne du Maurier, Daphne from Frasier, Smashing Pumpkins' song Daphne Descends, Nerina Pallot's song Daphne & Apollo... Daphne means laurel, and I had a dream I had a daughter named Laurel. Daphne might be Cleo's Marian.

    But I also like Cleopatra Phoebe Atalanta.

    Phoebe's got all the Titan beauty, also a hamadryad, an Amazon, one of the Heliades, a Cocteau Twins song, a Tori Amos song, Phoebe in The House of the Seven Gables, Phoebe in Friends, Phoebe in Charmed... it's a moon! It's part of Belphoebe from TFQ. So Phoebe could be this rounds Marian as well.
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    I like Cleopatra Phoebe Atalanta more than Cleopatra Daphne Atalanta. Cleopatra Phoebe is spectacular.
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    I'm swaying in favor of Phoebe, but only if Belphoebe is officially out of the running for good. I just love Phoebe so much! She's my favorite Charmed sister, all heart and passion, spunk and mischief and pixie sass. Such a thoroughly faerie name!

    Daphne is pretty as well, softer, dreamier, and more springlike. I picture a faint spring green, delicate budding leaves, and dappled fawns. Not as sprite-like as Phoebe, but perhaps you like that better?

    Either way, I am practically swooning over the combination of Cleopatra and Atalanta!! Atalanta has been one of your favorite names for so long, and one of my favorites of your favorites. With the selection of Aphrodite, she no longer works as a first name, but as a middle she's perfect for Cleo! I feel like she brings in everything you want in your golden seaside vibe, both the air of haunting mystery and the splashing salty-tang of little girl giggles. Perfection!
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    I've never been an Atalanta fan, but I know you love it, and I must admit, paired with Phoebe or Daphne it does have a magic spark. Phoebe is definitely sassier... Sleepysessha described it way better, so I won't try, but basically everything she said!

    If I had to pick, I'd go with Daphne.
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    Ooh, I'm glad you three like them! I was so happy when I thought of these two, so I'm very excited now. oh oh oh! Phoebe's my favourite Charmed girl too, Sessh, and the name's always been a favourite of mine and has so many good associations for me. Husband keeps on going back and forth on whether he likes Belphoebe or not, so I've placed her in the no column, I just don't see it happening. The names he's unsure about usually ends up in the big beautiful no-pile. He did suggested, out of the blue, Rapunzel to me this morning, but not for Cleo. That was a huge shock. Unpredictable man.

    Thanks girls, you're so wonderful!
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