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    Err well I'm not very good with middle names so I'm sorry if none are really your taste/what you are looking for!

    I've got to say I admire you for considering Cleopatra though! I love uncommon names but I could never be brave enough to use Cleopatra. I love your daughter's name, Aphrodite too. May I ask if you have had any negative feedback in real life with your daughter's name? Just curious.

    Also I'm sorry if I repeat anyone's suggestions!!

    Cleopatra Sophia Giselle (this one I saw was already suggested but I think it's really pretty)
    Cleopatra Ivy Selene
    Cleopatra Mazarine Giselle
    Cleopatra Milena Laurel
    Cleopatra Cissea Niamh
    Cleopatra Cissea Elaine
    Cleopatra Linnea Celeste
    Cleopatra Sophia Roxane
    Cleopatra Lilith Yvaine
    Cleopatra Melora Selene
    Cleopatra Laurel Sunniva
    Cleopatra Thisbe Laurel

    From the one's you have already thought of, I like:
    Cleopatra Veronika Yvaine
    Cleopatra Cissea Giselle
    Cleopatra Laurel Yvaine

    Hope I helped even just a little bit!
    ~♥~ Amanda ~♥~
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    Cleopatra Lilith Yvaine is exquisite!
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    All those pictures are exactly what a Cleo is to me. A goldie girl with mysterious undertones. Sparks and Whispers. Gold & Blue & Dark.

    All your combos are amazing. I am especially liking Cleopatra Veronika Yvaine, Cleopatra Laurel Yvaine & Cleopatra Sophia Selene. Cleopatra and Selene are lovely together, and definitely not cheesy!

    Cleopatra Veronika Selene
    Cleopatra Laurel Celeste
    Cleopatra Veronika Laurel
    Cleopatra Veronika Giselle
    Cleopatra Laurel Selene

    Sorry I'm not very good at combos.

    Cleopatra is gold and blue to me, The bubbliness, spark in her eyes & the haunting, ocean-y mysteriousness.

    Laurel is rather gold to me, in a foresty, elvin, faery yet sandy & seashell-y kind of way. Selene is blue and misty and sea-like.

    Veronika, Celeste, Sophia, Yvaine, Giselle & Cissea are all a mix of both, making all those names absolutely perfect.

    Some suggestions, but you might not like any of them...

    Oribel, Latin, 'beautifiul golden child'
    Gyllene, Swedish, 'Golden'
    Eldora, Spanish, 'gold'
    Azora/Azure/Azurine, Spanish, blue. Cleopatra Laurel Azurine is kinda nice. Cleopatra Azora Selene/Selene Azora
    Taisie/Taisiya, Irish/Russian, "In legend, Taisie was a princess of Rathlin Island said to have been the most beautiful woman in the world with her dazzling blue eyes and long curling tresses." - Think Baby Names.
    Mazarine, French origin, Deep Blue.

    Sorry, I'm probably not any help. At all.

    Jude, blackbird.

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    Rhia; thanks. Cleopatra Hespera Ondine is very pretty! I feel like when I think of Hespera every time I close my eyes there's a new image. Shape shifter!

    Sessha; You make sense. But Hespera does not go with Gwenllian in my head (Gwenllian's my warrior girl). I think I'm just frustrated... I hate this. I want to bang my head in the wall. All the names you listed go very well with Cleo, thank you sweets!

    Rhia; ah, Alcyone! I was kind of saving this one for Isolde... Cleopatra Melusine Veronika is gorgeous.

    Manda; thank you! We have not yet got any negative reactions to Dita's name, no. Some people are kind of surprised, but when they gather themselves they usually swoon over it. It might be because she's the most beautiful little girl that ever existed though... hmmm. I like most of your suggestions, but I love these two: Cleopatra Lilith Yvaine (but I doubt I'd get Husband to agree) and Cleopatra Laurel Sunniva. I actually really love the latter, it's so oceany and evading.

    Mina; I'm glad you don't think Cleo & Selene are cheesy together! I think they match very well. Cleopatra Veronika Giselle is lovely, the others too. Thank you. I like Mazarine very much, but Husband thinks it's insubstantial. I'm going to look up Taisiya and Taisie.
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    We went through the names this evening and we're left with:

    Cleopatra Atalanta Yvaine
    Cleopatra Daphne Melusine
    Cleopatra Nerissa Melusine
    Cleopatra Lyonesse Yvaine
    Cleopatra Alcyone Selene

    I don't know though... maybe this baby's not meant to be a Cleo. Too difficult...
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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