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    Cleopatra Laurel Celeste would be very pretty. :-)

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    Im loving Cleopatra. Your descriptions are always so beautiful. Sometimes I wish I could give you my list and let you paint images in my mind of each so as to help narrow down. Lol.

    Cleopatra Terpsichore Selene.
    Dont know where that came from , im really just lovin the sound of Terpsichore. But Cleo with Terpsichore may be a bit much, since Clio and Terpsichore were two of nine muses.

    Cleopatra Calliope Laurel.
    Just sounds so fresh to me. Calliope, as you know, was another muse though.

    Cleopatra Polymnia Yvaine.
    Me and my muses. I just love the sound of polymnia.

    Cleopatra Tinuviel Selene.
    Sounds so sparkly.

    Cleopatra Belphoebe Selene.
    Cleopatra is so spunky, I love it with Belphoebe Selene. Makes it feel so spectacular, amazing, and fresh.

    Other options:
    Cleopatra Sophia Giselle
    Cleopatra Nephele Cissea
    Cleopatra Melusine Circe
    Cleopatra Guinevere Selene
    Cleopatra Sophia Ondine
    Cleopatra Ophelia Giselle
    Cleopatra Selena Giselle
    Cleopatra Veronika Yvaine
    Cleopatra Victoria Celeste
    Cleopatra Celestia Laurel
    Cleopatra Moira Celeste
    Cleopatra Laurel Veronica

    Hope you find something that appeals to you.
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    Oooh I think I love her with Giselle. That name seems very fitting, especially when I'm looking at the little girl in the red dress.

    Cleopatra Giselle Nimue
    Cleopatra Giselle Tinuviel
    Cleopatra Yvaine Giselle
    Cleopatra Elentari Giselle
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    I love the description you gave us!

    Cleopatra Yavanna Selene (the spunky Yavanna and the haunting Selene)
    Cleopatra Yavanna Celeste
    Cleopatra Marina Selene (I added Marina after reading the description)
    Cleopatra Veronika Celeste
    Cleopatra Yvaine Celeste

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