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Thread: Iva

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    I heard the name Iva on a TV show and thought it was so pretty. I'm just curious though what others think of it. The show I heard it on they all tend to have biblical names, is this also a biblical name and if so is that the only thing you would associate it with if you heard it? I love how simple and pretty it is, but am curious what other people think.

    Also, what middle names would you pair with Iva?
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    No idea where the name came from, but I think it's pretty too. I think it would pair nicely with another pretty, über-feminine name. Maybe something French? Iva Genevieve, Iva Margot, Iva Charlotte. Or maybe Iva Grace.

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    Breaking Amish, right? I also thought it was kinda pretty in a simple way. I don't believe it's biblical.

    I'd put it with a lacier middle.
    Iva Lucienne
    Iva Marguerite
    Iva Penelope
    Iva Gwendolyn
    Iva Juliette
    Iva Marceline

    Good luck!
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    Iva is really pretty. So nice to use in place of the over-used Ava or Eva.
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    I heard the name on that show too! I love it and asked my husband if he liked it and said no So I won't be using it but I still love it and I would use it if I were you! I'm not good at the middle name thing so I don't have any suggestions there I also don't believe it is biblical but could be wrong...?

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