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    I love the Cleo combos you've come up with so far. They are all gorgeous! I think my favorite just for it's sound is Cleopatra Sophia Selene.
    Now for more combos;
    Cleopatra Veronika Celeste
    Cleopatra Celestia Laurel - I think Celestia flows better here than Celeste
    Cleopatra Celestia Yvaine - same here
    Cleopatra Veronica Selene
    Cleopatra Melusine Celeste
    Cleopatra Laurel Giselle
    Cleopatra Laurel Melusine
    Cleopatra Laurel Selene
    Cleopatra Sophia Melusine
    Cleopatra Sophia Yvaine
    Cleopatra Circe Veronica
    Cleopatra Circe Melusine
    Cleopatra Cissea Melusine
    Cleopatra Tinuviel Cissea
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    Thank you all so much! I love so many of these, it was so much fun to read through.

    Vegas; Aphrodite Marian Illyria. I like Cleopatra Guinevere Celeste very much, it's so pretty!

    Mischa; Cissea is very lispy... hmm. I love Cleopatra Celeste Yvaine! Husband looked through the thread earlier today and he liked it too. I'm also thrilled you don't think the Selene thing matters. I love them together!

    Dina; Cleopatra Sophia Selene is one of the ones I like the most. I love your suggestions of Cleopatra Laurel Celeste and Cleopatra Laurel Selene, so lovely!

    Hermione; Cleopatra Yvaine Giselle is beautiful!

    Rhia; bring them on ! Ah, a fellow muse-lover! Terpsichore is on my list for Zenobia, and Polyhymnia too. They just don't feel right with Cleo to me... the same goes for Tinuviel. The combos are lovely, they just clash in my head! Cleopatra Belphoebe Selene though, swoon! Love it! Of the others I love Cleopatra Sophia Ondine and Cleopatra Ophelia Giselle. So pretty!! Thanks!

    Namelover; Cleopatra Sophia Melpomene is gorgeous! I also really like Cleopatra Veronika Nell, it's über cute!

    Amy; Cleopatra Elentari Giselle! Cleopatra Giselle Tinuviel! The hunt might be over. That is serious gorgeousness wrapped into one name, my darling. Nimue is not right (for me) with Cleo though. Beautiful work nonetheless!

    Bonnie; thank you! I tried... I'm not a writer, so it's difficult for me. Cleopatra Yavanna Selene is beautiful, absolutely gorgeous. And Cleopatra Veronika Celeste is heavenly. Thanks so much! (and Marina is fitting, but Dita's middle is Marian!)

    Niamh; yay, I think Cleopatra sounds fresh too!! Tinuviel is actually pretty gorgeous with Cleo... and Cleopatra Cissea Tinuviel is lovely. Husband strongly dislikes Ceridwen. He says he might let me use it as a middle if it sounds really pretty with the rest of the name, but my hopes are not high. Teary smiley needed!

    Wildewest, thank you! I like those two too.

    Tigerlily; Cleopatra Aurelia Giselle and Cleopatra Oriel Veronika are both beautiful!

    Cristina; I like those two together! Sounds very beautiful. And it would be a nice place to put little bee.

    Sessha; goodie! Sophia is very special for me, it's one of those multifunction names (like Phoebe, Lucy/Lucia, Veronika, Elaine, Emma, Ophelia and Ursula). And it never got that popular in England, the highest it's been is #15. I rarely hear it around, so it's not something I care about. I think it's magical and wisdomeous (word borrowed from Joey in Friends). I'm excited to see you're not going to hold back. Husband read your reply before me and he said "Sessha's got some nice ones there", so that's promising! Let me see... Cleopatra Bellicent Yvaine, Cleopatra Verdande Celeste, Cleopatra Lyonesse Yvaine, Cleopatra Melusine Yvaine, Cleopatra Thalia Celeste, Cleopatra Elbereth Yvaine (the best of the Brits: Shakespeare, Tolkien and Gaiman!), Cleopatra Signe Celeste, Cleopatra Nerissa Melusine, Cleopatra Vivendel Cordelia (you'd need to convince me on the Cordelia name though) and Cleopatra Aradia Noor are all (wait for it...) Husband approved! He might've hit his head, or he's finally becoming a berry. Thank you thank you thank you!

    Averella; Celestia's an annoying My Little Pony so can't use that... I love Cleopatra Laurel Melusine and Cleopatra Sophia Melusine.
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    Yay, Cleo! Love the imagery and links, especially #1, although I always get a freshwater vibe from Cleo.

    Wow, so many possibilities. Sorry for repeats.

    Cleopatra Boadicea Selene
    Cleopatra Willow Ondine
    Cleopatra Laurel Ondine
    Cleopatra Sophia Noor
    Cleopatra Cissea Noor
    Cleopatra Circe Giselle
    Cleopatra Celeste Atalanta
    Cleopatra Circe Yavanna
    Cleopatra Thalia Yvaine
    Cleopatra Laurel Cissea
    Cleopatra Cissea Selene
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    Cleopatra is a 'big' name. I mean I really like her, she's intriguing and stunning. I totally understand the imagery you get from Cleopatra but at the same time she is a big name. I think Cleopatra needs light feminine middle names. Middle names that aren't as over-powering as Cleopatra.
    From the list of potential middle names, my favourites are:

    I also like Selene, but with Cleopatra the whole thing is slightly cheesy. I also like Celeste but hate the alliteration of Cleopatra Celeste.

    My favourite combination from your list is Cleopatra Laurel Yvaine. The rest feel too over powering!

    Cleopatra Guinevere Laurel
    Cleopatra Penelope June
    Cleopatra Persephone Mara
    Cleopatra Delphine Isis
    Cleopatra Violet Amaryllis
    Cleopatra Yvaine Beatrix
    Cleopatra Ottilie Simone
    Cleopatra Leonie Willa
    Cleopatra Saffron Wilhelmina
    Cleopatra Gabrielle Serena
    Cleopatra Josephine Verity

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    Cleopatra Laurel is very lovely. Strong and soft combined. While it is not my personal style, I love Aphrodite and Cleopatra together!

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