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    Cassia......what category would you put it in?

    Hi all,
    We are currently loving Cassia Primrose.

    We will pronounce it Cass ee ah without a doubt as I really dislike the pronounciation Cash ah as it sounds trashy (Ke$ha springs to mind).

    However, I am a firm longtime lover of names with a vintage feel such as Beatrix, Florence, Iris and the like. Cassia does not fit this category, which is unusual for me. So I want to get a feel for what people's perception of the name is, what category would you put it in???

    Looking forward to reading your responses! Thanks in advance.

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    Oh, I love Cassia. The Cassia I know is about 10, and her sisters are Miriam, Irene, Edith and Seraphima. I also know a Cassiani. I think of it fitting with both the vintage names and the Greek names--I could see a Cassia with Beatrix and Iris, or with Athena and Theodora.

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    Actually, Cassia does fit into that category. Its a nature name, meaning cinnamon. Cassia trees or bushes produce yellow flowers, that produce a spice that can substitute for cinnamon. So, its along the same lines as Iris to me. Nature-y and it has a vintage feel, like Beatrix. Its a beautiful name. Cassia Primrose is a very pretty and botanical sounding name.
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    Oh wow, you are using all the right words for me...vintage, Greek, naturey/botanical.

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    To me it's exotic-familiar, with both naturey and princessy-vibes... along the lines of Mattea, Keliah, Bianca, Seraphine, Asha.

    I've never been a huge fan, but Cassia Primrose really is lovely.
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