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    I have a children in the middle of the spectrum. He loves playing with other kids, but won't necessarily initiate it. He parallel plays and then one thing leads to another and then he has the new bff for the next hour.

    He does get upset really easily. He's really sensitive to his feelings. Our little neighbor boy went to play with the older boys (their parents let them run like rampant all over the neighborhood unsupervised) and Weston knew he wasn't allowed to leave our yard. He came in crying because his bff had new friends. We talked about it, and he understood that he couldn't play with the naughty kids, but it broke my heart a little.
    No one wants to feel like their child is being rejected.
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    I was the shy kid who loved when other kids initiated "Will you play?" because I would never have had the courage to do it myself!

    I get why it's frustrating, but I would bet by the time your daughter is old enough to feel slighted, most other children will have learned to use a "No, thank you" if they'd rather play alone.
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    Thanks everyone, I'll take into account that kids can be shy. I'll keep encouraging Jade and explain to her that sometimes people are shy.

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