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    Help! Only a few weeks- Sister for Lillian (Lily)? (updated!)

    Our little one will arrive in a matter of weeks and we still haven’t finalized a girl name! (Although we don’t know the gender so this worry could be all for nothing…)

    We already have a daughter named Lillian who goes by Lily. What would your preference be, and why, given the following?

    Meant to include- Emily would go by "Emmy."

    • Our top pick is Emily, but my concerns are whether or not it’s too similar to Lily. (My husband doesn’t share these concerns- he says we should think long-term and the reality is they’ll only be under the same roof for so long, and that if it’s our top pick, we should just go with it.)
    • We don’t have an ideal middle name settled yet for Rachel.
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    I think Emily is too way to close to Lily for my comfort since they both end in the same 3 letters, but thats just me. Emily is a beautiful name, but I think Lillian and Rachel would be lovely together. I would avoid Rachel Elizabeth due to the back to back el's, but I like the sound of Rachel Emily.
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    What about Emilia? I've heard it said Emily-ah or Eh-meel-ee-ah, and it's pretty charming. Or, Amelie switches the syllable emphasis a little bit.

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    Rachel is one of those names, for me, that sounds so great no matter how often I hear it (quite possibly due to the fact that someone named Rachel is very dear to my heart, and I plan on honoring her in my children's names if I can). I think it sounds great with Lillian or Lily. I also really like the name combination Rachel Elizabeth (my own is Rachel Elyse) and Rachel Emily.

    I would not use Emily as a first because it sounds so close to Lily. True, they will most likely only be under the same roof for the first twenty years or so of their lives, but how often are you going to stumble over yelling their names when dinner is ready or they're in trouble? And if they're in school together, how often will kids mix up their names? If your little girl went by Lillian, it wouldn't be as repetitive, but since she doesn't, and since there's no guarantee she ever will (nor that Emily will want to be called 'Emmy'), I'd say no. Emily and Lily together are like Amanda and Miranda - different, but the same (especially if Amanda is going by Mandy).

    It seems like you really like the L-sound. If Rachel just won't work for your husband, and you can't get behind Emily, how about:

    Rosalie (Rosie and Lily!)

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