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    An Australian Girl named Sydney

    keeping in mind that there are only 7 States,Territories and capital cities in Australia, and Sydney is by far the largest most well known city.
    would it be wrong to call my daughter Sydney?

    Sydney Roxanne to be exact

    edit, and no I dont want to call her Sidnee, Sydnee, or Sidney because lets face it they are all the exact same name and spelling wont change that
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    Wrong? No. Confusing? Probably.

    I suggest you put it in the middle name spot, to avoid confusion, etc. Just a personal opinion, though.

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    No it wouldn't be wrong... I like it, I think it is a patriotic choice.

    But it is a lovely name and it is not unheard of, so why not? It might be more weird to name her Brisbane as that is not typically a name.
    I say go for it!

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    I think Sydney is a fine name. I think it's cute, in fact. And lots of Americans name their children Hudson, Charlotte, Carolina, Lincoln, Dakota, etc. which are all places in America. In fact, I've heard that there is a much higher number of Charlottes and Carolines/Carolinas in South Carolina. Personally, I would find it weird if I met a kid with the same name as the city I'm from, though. As for spellings, I agree with you mostly, but Sidney is the original spelling. I see no problem in using that, especially if it helps distinguish it as a name. I feel like Sidney = boy; Sydney = girl, but it doesn't have to be. I think Sydney is cute, but if there's any chance that she'll end up living in Sydney, I probably wouldn't do it. That's just me, though.
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    Are you an Australian?

    If so there is a big difference in the naming culture here in Oz to overseas, therefore I would not recommend any Australian girl being named Sydney.

    I don't think it would be well accepted here. Of course if this is an Aussie baby and you love the name then of course you can use it but in my whole life (which is long) I have never ever heard of an Australian girl named Sydney. I think she would be ostracised.

    In the U.S. Sydney is name well accepted as a girl's name BUT not here.

    My advice find another name.

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