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Thread: Dream Daughter

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    I think it is sweet! I love how names can come in dreams like that!

    I had a dream that I had a Liesel Grace not long ago! Definitely on my list now!

    (Yes, Liesel, like Liesel Von Trapp from The Sound of Music! I think it is a gorgeous name!)

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    Cute name!

    When I was pregnant, I had exactly 2 dreams about the baby I was carrying. In one dream, it was a boy and we named him Patrick (which is the name we already had picked out, so it wasn't exactly an exciting epiphany or anything). That dream was funny, though, because he came 4 days early, so we forgot to tell anyone he was born (?) until my due date came around and I was like "oh, yeah...we should probably tell everyone about the baby." Haha! In the second dream, it wasn't very detailed, but the baby was a girl and we decided to name her Lawrence after my father-in-law (?) Yeah, we didn't do that.
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    Elodie Ruth has a great blend of spunky French chic and vintage charm. I like it!
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    I like Ruth in the middle. I have never been a fan of Elodie.

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    I think it's lovely! I love Elodie. And Ruth makes it's even better. it's very spunky and cute without being too childish. Perfect dream name!

    I never have dreams that I actually give birth to a baby, but I dream often of someone giving me a child or me finding one. And its always a girl. Weird!

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