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    Thoughts on Crispin for a first name?

    The title says it all.

    Love it?

    Like it?

    Not my style but not bad?

    He'll be called Crispy his entire life?

    Absolutely horrid?

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    Definitely not my style. Is it horrible? No. If someone asked me, "Hey, let me set you up with my friend Crispin!" Would I want to go? I would definitely have a hard to generating a mental image of what kind of person it was. I might think it was sort of weird. I think the nickname would be Cris, which gets you to a pretty common name, so it might not be worth it.
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    I don't think it's HORRID, but when you wrote Crispy.. that was pretty much my thought.
    But then again, Cris would be probably the most common nn and that's not bad at all. :]

    Crispin may work for a middle name though. It wouldn't be used as often, but you could still
    use it if you love it.

    Lucas Crispin, Milo Crispin are cute combos imo.

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    It would have to be a first name because our middle names are all family names. Crispin isn't a family name.

    I really DO NOT like the nn Cris. 1. Because I hate that name and 2. It's the name of the MIL.

    We'd call him Crispin and only Crispin, though I realize I can't control what others would call him.

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    Lol my name is Krystal.. I've never been called Kris, but I dislike my name.
    I don't think it is HORRIBLE, I think it could work with the right middle name.
    Whatever you choose will be fine, I'm sure. Final chose is rightfully yours,
    it's just not my style is all. What kind of family names do you have to pair with it, do you mind sharing?

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